Friday, November 18, 2005

Once a month, whether I need to or not ...

I survived the full moon Wednesday night unscathed. What with Mercury in retrograde and the general insistent pressure of time's passage, the uncertainty of my job and the unknown outcome of the job interview last week, I sense I am waiting, but not in a way that is restful or calming. There is much waiting, and yet time rushes past, with still more waiting. My focus remains on experiencing the present.

My husband's sister (my sister-in-law, a title which does not spring to mind when I think of her, because I have never met her, due to the vast geographical distance between us) was diagnosed with breast cancer this week. Contrary to her previously cantankerous and impatient persona, she delivered this news in a calm, brave, upbeat-as-possible way. My esteem of her grew a great deal. Her surgery will be on December 1. I am going to try to reach out to her.

I have read many blogs over the last several weeks, and I am constantly impressed with how honest and interesting so many people are! It is my little way of traveling and meeting people - from a safe distance, of course.

Reading Jen's daily blog about food and life is like checking in with a friend; Bob's heroic effort to get healthy, physically and emotionally, is an inspiration. I care about Sally and her return to normal life after Hurricane Rita, and her developing plans to move to a retirement home. Their sharing with me is teaching me things that I will keep for a long time.

Neddie Jingo is a fascinating character and storyteller whose observations are like excerpting the most interesting passages from a vast library. I want to know more. I especially liked the post about urinating in the backyard of the president of Brazil, or something like that. (Yeah, really made an impression.)

Kyrie MeMo is, despite her sometimes glib remarks, an enigma. What must her life be like? So many times I think about her and say, why? Why?

Colin McEnroe - what can I say about Colin? He is a shapeshifter, yet a rock; a goofball, yet a genius; a truth-seeker who sometimes wades in the shallowest waters; an individual who aspires to reach the "common ruck." I follow his progress.

Lance Mannion's site is intelligent, thoughtful, wide-ranging, personable, and very readable. I keep looking for a flaw! The world needs more people like Lance; or at least more sites like his.

The latest goofy site that I use one of my daily clicks on is You Knit What? I'm sure it helps to be a knitter to appreciate the ambience, but it is very funny and the people that comment on the daily posts - many times 30, 40 or 50 comments! - all agree on what is "fugly." A beleagured man once asked, why can't we all just get along? Maybe if we all knitted, we could.

Off to read more blogs! Please confirm that you have not read this, so that I may once again find my nerve and write what I'm really thinking.


At 3:26 PM, Blogger Neddie said...

So confirmed...

Hey, thanks for the very nice words. Colin's a corker, ain't he?

Can you finish the following thought: They say I shot a man named Gray and took his wife to Italy... She inherited a million bucks, and when she died it came to me [What comes next?]

At 4:05 PM, Blogger momula said...

"although it was no where near a million, any mo-o-o-o-ore...
Esta-a-a-a-te tax! ... "


"Yo no puedo su soy suerte!"

oh, i've got lots of them.

At 12:05 PM, Blogger Peter N said...

Habla Espanol? Nice! Me too, pero muy poquito..Pedro


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