Monday, October 10, 2005

What I did on my two week vacation from blog:

in which I finally got a haircut, hit a teenager running across the street (IT WASN'T MY FAULT! the light was green! and besides, he's OK), and turned 43. Whew.

No great reflections on getting older today... I cherish time, and age, and I feel lucky for each year that goes by, but I feel like that most days. The way I can tell I'm getting older is how old my daughters are! They are such wonderful, beautiful people.

"The accident," as I am referring to it, when I do refer to it, was probably the most horrific thing that I have ever been personally involved in. One minute I'm driving along, early for work, just having a day, then suddenly I'm shaking and shuddering and my brain is spinning, and there's cops and bystanders and firetrucks and an ambulance and holy crap! A 16-year-old boy laying half on the road, half on the sidewalk. He ran in front of an SUV that had stopped because it was taking a left, but I was to the right of the SUV, going through the green light. Fortunately, he was not hurt badly - his right arm looked pretty sore, but was not bleeding or cut up - and fortunately, several people gave their names and statements to the police, saying that the light was green, I was not speeding, and the kid ran right in front of my car. Friends tell me that my auto insurance carrier will automatically get sued by his health insurance carrier, which is horrible because IT WASN'T MY FAULT, but hopefully that won't happen. Don't get me started about insurance companies.

Notice to that woman at the mall who I had entrusted with my hair for the last 3 months: IT'S OVER. I found a REAL hairstylist, who cut my hair THE WAY I WANT IT. What a concept. My hair is shorter, and it's layered, and it looks GOOD. Thank you to SHARON at JCPenney Hair Salon! See you in 8 weeks!

Brother-in-law B and sister-in-law M are expecting their third child in March ... hoping for a girl this time ... this should motivate me to finish the housewarming gift I made for them, so that I can get going on a baby blanket.

I'm still following Sally's blog about her life in Beaumont, TX (home of erstwhile Boston first baseman Ke'Millar - wonder if they know each other?). Sally is a survivor of Hurricane Rita - not a nutty one who rode out the storm, but a smart one who made hotel reservations in cities far enough away to be safe. A fascinating blog by an interesting person. I want to encourage her to write more about her career as an engineer.

But now, back to real life.


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