Friday, September 23, 2005

A link from blog teacher Colin McEnroe's blog, "A Handbook for Bloggers and Cyber-dissidents" contains a chapter that explains "How to blog anonymously" via the fictional story of Sarah, who wants to blow the whistle on her embezzler boss anonymously. Despite the technical descriptions and instructions, it was very interesting - add a few paragraphs about Sarah's personal life, her apartment, her co-workers, her sessions with the geeks that help her encrypt her stuff, and you'd have quite a nailbiting little thriller. Let's see, who could be in the movie? Maybe Sienna Miller as Sarah and Pierce Brosnan as the deputy minister stealing millions. I'll have to think about who could play the geeks.

I almost feel like a voyeur reading the terse, compelling narrative by Sally describing her flight from Beaumont, TX in the face of Hurricane Rita. Half of me is heartbroken at this glimpse into the anguishing effect the evacuation is having on her life; the other half wants to read more. I hope for her sake the rest is a description of hours of boredom, waiting for the storm to blow over and her eventual return to her home, to find the yard flooded but everything else OK.

Powerball update: Out of 30 tickets, we won $10, and promptly bought 40 more. Hopefully I'll get lucky Saturday night (:


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