Thursday, September 22, 2005

Back to normal

OK, we didn't win. Well, not really. We got 3 numbers. I don't know if we get anything for that. *sigh* It's just as well.

* * *

This has become our norm: listening to poignant stories on NPR about soldiers in Iraq, coming home, or more often, not coming home. Their lives: short, some sweet, some kind of tough, just out of high school where God knows they haven't really seen life, not like we know it is, and their mothers: oh my God, how do they even speak? It is a testimony to their love and courage that they can speak to a reporter about their sons and daughters.

This has become our norm: watching on TV and computer screens the colorful spirals of rain and wind and hail and clouds inch slowly toward our homes, our people, our lives, deadly inexorable beauty, unstoppable, implacable, without mercy or humanity; nature, oblivious to mankind. The horror of untimely death, the cruelty of the destruction of so many lives, so many that we all have someone to relate to.

This has become our norm: revelations of ineptitude, rumors of malicious intent, allegations of greed and stupidity and indifference. How can we believe what we are told? Who is really working on our behalf and who really has our best interests at heart? Who even knows what our best interests are, as splintered as we all are? I'm tired and I want to believe what I hear and see; I'm angry and I know they're wrong. He's our leader >slap< our enemy >slap< our President >slap< our captor >slap< we elected him! >slap< we hate him!


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