Thursday, September 22, 2005

intro to science and politics / MWF 1:45-4:30

Well, if I may be so bold: in traipsing through the various blogs, I have come across this one a few times, and while I quickly feel intellectually inferior to this individual, I am compelled to lurk and learn. I was pleased to discover that his explanation for his blogging is similar to mine, although he may be more justified than me!
I remain a distracted, yet interested, student.

Science And Politics: "6) Why do you blog?
- I think I was waiting all my life for the technology that would let me write my thoughts for everyone to read. I always think as if I am constructing an essay (or a speech) and felt that it is a pity most of that never got written down and shared. I never bothered keeping a hand-written diary because I crave the audience."


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