Friday, January 13, 2006

wait till the middle of the night...

for some inspiration . . .

I'm swiping this from LA RUSH, a med school student that I don't know but whose blog I keep running into:

go to
type in "failure" in the search box (without the quotation marks)
then hit "I'm feeling lucky" instead of search....see what happens!

heh heh heh

I have absolutely nothing to say.

Judging from the number of "quizzes" and "memes" I see in a lot of blogs lately, neither does anyone else.

OK, then, the "2 things" meme:

2 obsessions bordering on unhealthy:
-- music from "Jeeves & Wooster": "bring me lobster on a clean plate!"
-- Sudoku

2 things I should've done but didn't in 2005:
-- finished Bill & Mari's quilt. Now they're having a baby and I'll have to make them two quilts!!
-- stuck to my diet

2 things I'm surprised I did in 2005:
-- got a new job making more money with a window office
-- "the car accident"

2 things I will do in 2006:
-- be more honest. always.
-- be more active.

2 TV shows I must see:
-- Numb3rs, CBS, Friday @ 10 PM ET
-- 24, FOX, Sunday. Don't know when, but I will find out.

2 foods I've made that I bet you haven't:
-- tamales
-- Chocolate Italian Cream Cake

2 worst habits:
-- staying up too late
-- procrastinating

2 secrets about Rudy:
-- he talks in his sleep
-- someday he's going to grow to be 6 feet tall, and he will exact his revenge from those who have mocked and scorned and insulted him (mostly "stupid" and "smelly") by striking his enemies with his great yellow paws. But not me, because I'm nice to him and I give him treats.

OK, as M would say, when the crazy lady starts going on and on about her smelly little dog, it's time to hang up.

Bon soir, mes amis.


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