Wednesday, September 21, 2005

The fever!

This is it – on the edge of the precipice! Tonight my life will change forever. Tomorrow I will be me, but a completely changed me. Changed for better or worse? If history holds true, for worse, but perhaps that is not my fate. Maybe I can be the one that doesn’t prove the rule. I stand ready, waiting, to take on this new life:
T organized a group of six of us in my office who each put in $5. We will all quit our jobs tomorrow, ahead of our being laid off in the spring. Take your severance and shove it. Ha!

In addition to employing some accountants and lawyers to handle all of the details, I would of course want to establish a charitable trust of some kind to give something back to this big ol’ world that has given me so much. I would also like to invest in some companies that are looking for long-term solutions to poverty, education and alternative energy. On a more personal side, I will need to go on a little shopping spree.

What I will do with my $5 million dollars:
First on the list: buy a Maxima 3.5 SL. I’ve thought a long time about this, it is not an impulse purchase. Related: donate my Concorde to a charity. Also stop by the Hummer dealership & pick one up for J.
Pay the bills: mortgage, M’s college tuition, S’s h.s. tuition, credit cards, etc.
Give some money to all the sisters & brothers, in-laws, etc. How much? I have no idea. Whatever the going rate is.
I once heard Oprah talk about being rich – having “enough” money – and one of the things she said was, she could now buy a whole case of pantyhose, and the minute a pair got one single little tiny run in them, throw them out. *That* would be *nice.* Not that I paint the runs with nail polish anymore. I just let them go until they are embarassing.
OK, never mind the Maxima. Buy a white Cadillac, cruise out to Austin and sit in a honky-tonk with Willie Nelson and drink tequila. Not enough to make me sick, just enough to make me forget for awhile.
Or maybe the Florida Keys. I’d really like to be in one of those Corona commercials, sitting in a chaise lounge at the beach in the shade, with a beer. I’m sure I could learn to like Corona.
[Strange how my Powerball fantasies involve so much alcohol when I barely touch the stuff now.]
Buy some Green Monster seat tickets to the NY-Boston series at the end of the month. Oh yeah. Money’s no object there.
Buy all nine seasons of The X-Files on DVD. You’re welcome, Chris Carter.

Will being rich make me fat, or will I get skinnier?Will people from my past really come out of the woodwork to look me up? Even Jim Lanier, who I haven’t heard from since I left him at the Wilmington, NC bus station 25 years ago? I wonder what ever happened to him. Jim, go ahead and give me a call. I’ll buy you a beer, but that’s about it.


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