Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Regarding Henry

There are many favorite stories in the naked city . . . . that is our past, our history.

I ate a lean pork chop with potatoes and a large salad for dinner on Monday night. I have been very good on my diet in the last week or so, and I'm sure it will pay off come Thursday. Then I watched "24", which has been criticized quite a bit this season, for various shifts and tangents that it is taking, but to my mind, who am I to criticize? If I was a writer on the show, and had suggested a different story line, and they went with something else, then I could criticize, but as a passive audience, it is my "job" to watch the show and follow the story, and be either entertained or not by it. I am entertained - Jack Bauer's brother (a very evil weasel) and father (equally evil, not quite so weaselly - he's a very tall man who I think played a senator or something in West Wing for a few shows - maybe a Repub?) are in the last few episodes, and last night the dad killed Jack's brother, even though they're both on the same (evil) side. . . . wickedness!

I dozed off, unable to remember what I usually watch on TV at 10 PM on Mondays, then woke up & helped S finish off her history project - a scrapbook recalling the Industrial Revolution, and (take your pick of ) 2 revolutions from Europe and 2 from Latin America. S chose France, Poland (a feeble attempt to learn something about her heritage, she said), Venezuela, and Haiti. I thought it was quite a mishmash of an assignment, but she did all of the research (mostly yesterday) and I just swooped in at the last minute to help (speed up) formatting the Word document, and making a fabric cover for it (unbleached muslin, soaked in coffee, glued to a manila folder). Near the end of the process, S asked me to sign Henry Ford's name on the reproduction of a posted notice at the Ford Motor Company plant back then, regarding children working and safety, etc. I googled Ford's signature, and there it was, and I suggested that we put it in the document and print it out, but she said no, just sign it! So there I was, at 1:30 a.m., forging Henry Ford's signature to a "safety first" document from the turn of the (previous) century. It occurred to me that I have never done that before, I will probably never do that again, and there are many people who will live their entire lives without forging Henry Ford's signature. . . . I love my life!


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