Thursday, July 27, 2006

Why I was late today, Vol. 21, No. 85:

Once again, I was a little sleepy this morning because I stayed up late watching “The Daily Show” and most of “The Colbert Report,” so I didn’t have breakfast and log in my points until almost 7. I have had it in my mind to mail El Paso Mia’s quilt to her for a few weeks now, and the pointlessness of not doing it has grown to such a crescendo that today, yes, today, is the day. It is ready. I am ready. I folded it one last time, searched for tissue paper to wrap it in, found some purple ribbon to tie around it. I used one of my lovely Frank Lloyd Wright notecards, and thought about the message. It is adequate, not spectacular. I will go to the post office in back of the Civic Center at lunchtime and off it will go. I am happy.
I also emptied the garbage in S’s room, and then the kitchen garbage. I hate when it gets so full that you can barely tie the top together. I then noticed that J had given Rudy the old dog food instead of the new, so I dumped out the food and gave him the new food. With Rudy’s virtual rebirth after eating this new food, I cannot fathom why one would not be very careful in always feeding him the correct food. I also threw away the bag of old food, so that “mistake” will not be made again.
On the plus side, I did not iron my shirt, sweater, or pants, even though they were slightly wrinkled.
A kiss to S, and a kiss to M, and then I was off.

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