Tuesday, May 23, 2006


Something interesting to do this Friday night:

3rd Annual

Friday, May 26 6:30-9:30 PM
$40. donation

the Pond House at Elizabeth Park
1555 Asylum Avenue, West Hartford, CT

featuring special musical guests
Sister Funk &
the Sam Wise Gamgee Experience

Silent auction
Beer, wine, hors d'oeuvres

[worth going just to check out the band, n'est-ce pas?]

DeStefano or Malloy: DESTEFANO. It's just my gut feeling - which is not really the way to pick your candidate - but I think DeStefano is the real deal, and only a "real deal" kind of candidate has a chance against Rell.


I don't know what I would do if I hadn't watched '24' from the beginning of the season, but I'm glad I did. What a show! The only show on TV, besides Red Sox baseball, that actually makes me scream and stomp my feet. Check out this nutty little blog for commentary.


Melanie - where the heck are you? Call me!


WTG Stella - "Freshman Prodigy"! You rule!


Statuses (statii?):
Front yard - 85% (call it 100% if the new grass ever grows)
Back yard - 95%
Dining room - 100%
Downstairs bathroom - W.I.P.
Rudy - "not dead yet!"
Everything else is probably going to have to wait until after the Big Party.


Four and a half percent. WOO HOO!


20.4 lbs! Jeans two sizes smaller!


Guess who's 65 tomorrow?

Don't look so sad, Bob. It's better than the alternative.

Did I ever tell you about the time, on Bob's birthday, I brought my guitar to work with me, and lugged it out to the plaza at lunchtime (a rather deserted corner), and played his songs? I did not work at a cool place where this sort of thing was embraced; no, it was a little clearing surrounded by office buildings and a TV station. Though 49% of me was embarrassed, the other 51% felt so strongly that The People Needed To Know, that I actually did that. For anyone who has ever peeked at the end of a book, you know what happened - nothing. No one looked. No one commented. Let's think about this: the way to make your self invisible is turn your self inside out.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

A Morality Play

Colin McEnroe has nailed it once again in his blog and most particularly with this statement:

"Ragaglia's story provides further proof that Rell's moral leadership is almost entirely symbolic."

And that is the point.
Do you think anyone is listening??

MAYBE back when the Great Unwashed of CT elected John Rowland (and Jodi Rell) once, twice, then three times, they didn't realize they were opening the hen house for the fox ... but now?

The only reason (besides the legal details) Rell was not swept out of office along with Rowland was her assertion, and the G.U. of CT's desire to believe, that she knew nothing of the crimes being committed. Her excellent portrayal of the pure, dedicated, warm and fuzzy (but apparently oblivious) Lt. Gov. understudy has earned her the starring role as the pure, dedicated, morally upright and virtuous Gov., but maybe the spotlight shines too brightly on her in this part:

"Ragaglia's story provides further proof that Rell's moral leadership is almost entirely symbolic."

In the minds of the G.U. of CT, two things qualify Rell for the leading role: her years of experience at the Capitol (at the elbow of the -most corrupt?- Gov. in CT history) and her perceived integrity and righteousness.

"Ragaglia's story provides further proof that Rell's moral leadership is almost entirely symbolic."

Perhaps this time, the G.U. of CT will elect, not the candidate who SEEMS brisk and efficient, like he could get things done, nor the candidate who oozes virtue and kindness and with whom you'd want to share a glass of milk, but someone who has ACTUALLY ACCOMPLISHED SOMETHING: run a municipality, for years, successfully, amidst the muck of politics.

One more time:

"Ragaglia's story provides further proof that Rell's moral leadership is almost entirely symbolic."

Wake up, CT!